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Hello and welcome to Holabuzz. Our goal is to create a great private and business classified website for The Canary Islands that really works for everyone.  New users get 2 free Standard Ads and 1 Featured Ad with a 40 day time limit. We do not take commission on sold items or process buyers credit cards. Holabuzz sells Ad space only, there are no hidden costs. So here’s a few tips to get you up and running:

Good images are so important to get a sale and getting it right is worth the effort. The minimum item image size is 760 x 410, anything less will be rejected, as lower resolutions display badly. Your profile picture is important too, get a good one. Pets images shouldn’t be used or logos unless you are a business and well known.  Get you description right and accurate, it saves time in answering enquiries.  A PayPal account is really a good idea and worth considering, it gives you added protection when buying items and makes it easier when you are selling.

…what to watch out for:

We screen every user before they join, but there are scammers always trying to abuse the internet. So buyer beware and if you find anything on Holabuzz that doesn’t feel right, We do not process buyers credit cards for selling your items or take any commissions, so we recommend a private PayPal account.