Cancellation Policy

Up to 48 hours of a booking a full refund will be given less 5% to cover Admin and Payment Charges. When this period has passed the following cancellation policy applies.

3 months before the arrival date 50% of the Booking Charge (Not Service Fee) will be refunded.

4 weeks before the arrival date 20% of the Booking Charge (Not Service Fee) will be refunded

7 days before the arrival date there are no refunds available.

Host Cancellation

Should the Host need to cancel the booking at any time, the customer will receive a full refund and the Host will pay the Service fees and payment charges to   

Contacting the Host

If you want to contact a host before booking a reservation or send them a message you can on -  email with details of the listing and host. Once a trip is confirmed, you can message, email, or call the host to communicate until the trip has ended.

Before booking a reservation

If you want to find out more about a listing or the host before booking a reservation, you can message via email to Make sure to note the title of the listing page (for example, location and amenities) to clarify anything you need from the host.

For your safety and privacy, you can’t call or email hosts before your reservation is accepted.