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How does it work?


  How does work?

We believe we're only any good as a service to you if bookings are successful for your property. After the covid crisis we all need to help each other, so if you feel we have been of benefit to your business, please make a donation at the end of the season. We will inform you of the online donation page after your first year of signing up.

We will also promote heavily to attract some third party advertising, helping with overheads and running costs.

  How do I upload my services

Vendors have a Control Panel and Dashboard which has been designed for easy use, where you can upload images, data, change availabilites and attributes of your service. We're always here to help, if you have problems, contact us!

  Are there charges for listing services?

No. does not make charges for listing your property. also does not pay any tax on behalf of the Vendor. 


  Cancellation Policy

It is the Vendors responsibility to inform the Client of their cancellation policy. does not take any responsibility in this matter or become invloved with the various parties.