About Us

Serious Stuff

Holabuzz.com is based in Lanzarote, Canary Islands. We are part of Buzz Enterprises SL a Spanish company established in 2003 with English owners and shareholders.

Holabuzz.com is a service that makes sure property owners and service vendors are who they say they are and you have peace of mind when placing a booking, knowing they only receive the booking charge after you arrive or the service has taken place.

Buzz Enterprises SL has a respected reputation in Spain with our financial transactions processed by La Caixa Bank for over 18 years and we have an active Bond in place with the Bank to protect the customers against any internet scammers.

PayPal and Stripe our payment processors also register a 'clean record' for Buzz Enterprises SL with over 18 years of business transactions.

Social Stuff

We have been living in the Canary Islands for over 19 years, so we know quite a lot about living in the sun and the European ways. Please take time to study how everything works on the site, then you will realise how useful Holabuzz.com can be for promoting your rental properties and other services for customers to book.

Our service charge is 15% of the net booking price and other services on the site.