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La Geria Set For World Heritage Bid
21/08/2013  Viewed: 261 times 
One of Lanzarote's most recognisable features is set to make a bid to be included on the list of World Heritage Sites.
The unique farming model in La Geria, which involves the construction of semi-circular walls as windbreaks to protect grape vines and other crops grown locally in the volcanic sand, is already in the running for the European Landscape of the Year award and could feature on the prestigious Heritage list. The island's Cabildo is willing to support an application to UNESCO by the La Geria wine council, which looks set to launch the bid in the near future. The process could take several years and, if the bid succeeds, it would see La Geria join Tenerife's Mt Teide and the old part of La Laguna and La Gomera's Garajonay National Park as world heritage sites in the Canaries.
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